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          Harpie Lady Deck

Mai Valentine, known as Mai Kujaku in the manga and Japanese anime, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.
"Kujaku" means "peahen". Her name in the English anime is a pun of "My Valentine".

At the beginning of the series, Mai is a self-absorbed woman who is only set out for prize money, personal satisfaction and power.
Mai is extremely lonely and at first, is convinced that she doesn't need friends. At one point, she believed her "Harpie Lady" cards were the closest she would ever have to friends.
Mai's selfish attitude and outlook on life continues until she meets and finds meaning with Yugi Muto and his friends (of course, she also has a soft spot for Joey). After she meets them, she seems to start caring more for her friends and the deeper meanings of the game. Later on in the series, Mai's wins become empty and her feelings of loneliness return. However, as the series continues she appears to regain her self-esteem and pride as a true duelist.
In the Japanese version; Mai typically uses a quite informal manner of speech. She commonly omits honorifics when speaking with others, but addresses Anzu and Shizuka as "-chan." She uses the informal and potentially condescending "anta", a contraction of the more formal "anata" (similar to the English "hun" from "honey"). She uses the personal pronoun "atakushi", which tends to be a more elegant, if not older, form of self-reference. 

Mai's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi. In the anime, in Duelist Kingdom, Mai wore a short-sleeved purple coat over her white tube top. From Battle City on, she changed to a sleeveless light purple vest and a white tank top and wore long white fingerless gloves. She wears a dark purple mini-skirt and a deck holder strapped to her thigh in the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs, but in Waking the Dragons, she wears dark purple shorts and now wears purple gloves.
In the manga, in Duelist Kingdom, she largely wore the same outfit as the anime, but her top was open, revealing the middle of her chest and held together using strings, like a corset. In Battle City, she changed to wearing a black leather vest and mini-skirt, and wore a similar tube top as her Duelist Kingdom self, but with the front closed.
In the English anime, her cleavage and lines of cleavage are digitally reduced or erased and her skirt is lengthened.

Mai once worked as a card dealer on a ship-board casino, where she first discovered the "Harpie Lady" cards. A lot of men, who she described as boring, would pay money to get with her. Using her "aroma tactics", she pretended she had psychic powers, as she could tell what her cards were without looking at them, since they were sprayed with different perfumes. With these tactics she defeated such men, winning their money. Although she made a lot of money, she got bored and quit.[3]
According to the anime, she met Jean-Claude Magnum while working there. The two dueled, ending in the actor's defeat. Magnum proposed to her, to which she refused and told him to come back when he became a good duelist.[4]


When Mai lost to Marik, he stole her soul and took her to the Shadow Realm. She stayed there throughout the rest of the tournament on Kaiba Corp Island, while Joey desperately tried to fight Marik to win back her soul. Eventually, due to Yugi's victory over Marik, her soul was returned... although at the time Joey wasn't aware of this. So when he went to see if Mai had woken up from her 'coma', she and Joey's sister, Serenity, pretended that she was still in a deep coma. Joey broke down, crying that he would do anything to have her back, only to find that she was laughing at him while he shook her shoulders.
Although she mostly shows her tough side with her twisted, mocking sense of humor, just before she left at the end of series 2 she showed her soft side and her inner feelings for Joey that we all knew (or hoped) that she had.

any thing that you think are useless in this world, that's really the most significant fact without realizing it. Never assume something is in the difference, in this life there are weak and there is a strong but there are any small this world, a time will be very large. miracles are always happening around us but we never realize it because it opened my eyes to see but do not open your heart to feel.


Wind is air that is essential for life. is there any man who lives in this world but do not breathe the air?
A. Definition / Meaning Definition Wind

Wind is moving air due to the difference in air pressure in the direction of wind flow from a place that has a high pressure to low pressure spot or from areas which have a temperature / low temperature to high temperature region.

B. Process occurred WindWind has a close relationship with exposure to sunlight as much daerahyang sun exposure will have higher temperatures and lower air pressure than other areas, thus causing the air flow. Wind can also be caused by the movement of objects that push the air around it to move to another place.
Artificial wind can be made using a variety of tools ranging from simple to complex. In simple terms we can create its own wind by using your palm, the fan sate, newspapers, magazines, and so in a way flicked. While the wind is complicated we can make with an electric fan, hand dryer, hair dryer, tire pump, and so forth. Naturally we can use the mouth, nose, anus, and so on to create the wind.
Air can carry scent particles of a substance so that the wind can carry the smell or aroma from the delicious aroma to the unpleasant smell in our noses. Cooking smells, fishy smell, the smell of the sea, the smell of garbage, the smell of petrol, gas odor, the smell of farts, the smell of dirt, etc. are some examples of odors that can be carried by the wind.

the wind can turn into a storm that can destroy anything

Winged Beast type (variously described as a type of bird) most of her association with her ​​attributes WIND.
Definition of 'winged'


English to English
A. having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind
the winged feet of Mercury

2. Furnished with wings; Transported by flying; having winglike expansions

adjective satellite
3. very fast; as if with wings
on winged feet

Sunday, October 24 2010Sayap
This article on the wing may also include a definition of the wing, wing definition, meaning wing, meaning wing, terms wings, To wing, the wing mean, and Do the wings.

The wings are (1) the bodies of some animals (birds, etc.) who used to fly; wing: birds flying DNG - it, (2) ki everything that resembles the wings: - aircraft (KBBI)

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Shape of the wing of a KC-10 Extender.
A goose is developing sayapnya.Sayap is a tool used as a generator to control the movement of the aerodynamic force when the object is in a fluid medium, either gas (especially air) and liquid substances.

The wings can be found in animals in all kinds of birds, mostly insects, some mammals), nor the world of aviation.

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which is always present in the deck Kujaku mai harpie lady card and its associated privileges to harpie lady.


mai Kujaku first summon a card which she loves


harpie lady's presence gives the spirit its own arena. great strength of the winged-beast monster type.

make deck HARPIE LADY

DECK 1 NORMAL MONSTER17 monster  :
-3 harpie lady lv 4
-3 harpie brother lv 4
-3 harpie girl lv 2
-3 rescue rabbit
-2 mis valley shaman
-3 bird face
10 spell normal:-1 dark hole
-1 lightning vortex
-1 foolish burial
-3 delta attacker
-1 unicorn beacorn
-2 inferno rekless summon
-1 monster reborn
1 spell continue :
-1 card trader
-1 messenger of peace
-1 vengeful bog spirit
4 spell field:
-3 divine wind of mist valley
-1 harpies hunting ground
2 trap normal :
-2 compulsory evacuation device
6 trap continue:
-3 hysteric party
-1 begone, knave!
-1 ordeal of a traveler
-1 wall of revealing light
monster xyz lv 2, lv 4,
synchro lv5, lv 7
This deck has composed most of the runs by way of direct attack.


19 effect monster:
-3 harpie lady 1
-3 bladefly
-3 mist valley shaman
-3 harpie queen
-2 harpie lady sister
-1 harpie's pet baby dragon
-1 harpie's pet dragon
-3 fliying kamakiri #1
7 spell continue :-3 burden of the mighty
-3 solidarity
-1 card trader
3 spell field:
-3 rising air current
1 spell equip:
-1 mage power
8 spell normal:
-2 elegant agostis
-1 foolish burial
-1 triangle ecstasy spark
-1 monster reborn
-1 inferno reckless summon
-1 dark hole
-1 lightning vortex
5 trap continue
-2 hysteric party
-3 mirror wall

deck which is the last dragon phoenix. continued wanna know more? I would love to know after these ads

Harpie Lady

harpie lady is a monster bird that resembles a human. seen from the design alone can we know that harpie lady is a lady bird. arm has a very beautiful wings. wings are often used as a defense when attacked by his opponent. hand has fingers with sharp nails to tear, cut or sliced​​. when harpie lady 1 have the power to add air-attack all the monsters attributes gains 300 ATK for wind. AMAZING AND STUNNING when a third of the harpie lady 1 is in the arena becomes 2100 ATK.


Harpie's Brother, known as Birdman in the Japanese version, is a winged warrior who guards the power generator in the second alternate dimension that Jaden Yuki and his companions visit. He possesses the world view that lower-level monsters are inferior to those of greater rank. After suffering a defeat to Jaden, he ultimately dies (in the English version, his energy is sent to the stars).
Harpie's Brother is seen one more time prior to Jaden's Duel with Yubel, as Jaden remembers all the people Yubel has wronged.






only goes a few changes as you want. if you want the order to be, would be the stronger
20 effect monster:
-3 harpie lady 1
-3 mist valley shaman
-3 harpie queen
-2 harpie lady sister
-3 harpie's pet baby dragon
-3 harpie's pet dragon
-3 fliying kamakiri #1
-3 birdface
4 spell continue :
-2 burden of the mighty
-1 card trader
-1 future fusion
4 spell field:
-2 rising air current
-2 divine wind of mist valley
1 spell equip:
-1 mage power
9 spell normal:
-2 elegant agostis
-1 foolish burial
-1 monster reborn
-1 inferno reckless summon
-1 lightning vortex
-2 polymaryzation
-2 dragon's mirror
4 trap continue
-2 hysteric party
-1 mirror wall
3 trap normal
-3 d.tribe
monster xyz lv 4, lv 6,
synchro lv 7
FUSION: 5 head dragon

That's the name of such cards

trick 001
-foolish burial harpie's pet dragon, then special summon with monster reborn


trick 002
-This monster will increase its power when there harpie lady in the arena. if 3 harpie lady 1, 900 ATK monster is growing from strength of this effect and increase the ATK of 900 harpie lady effect. so this monster can increase ATK 1800 and if in no spell arena field, rising air current. ATK 500 ATK increases again. 2000 + 1800 + 500 = 4300.


trick 003
-when special summon 1 harpie lady, active spell card (inferno) and harpie lady becomes 3 in arena.

trick 004
-in first time, if future fusion in hand, active and after 2 turn can special summon FIVE HEAD dragon.
-with send 5 dragon from deck. because you have 3 harpie's pet dragon and 3 harpie's pet baby dragon.

trick 005
with trap normal D.TRIBE, you can special summon if active polymarization and have 5 monster in arena. summon five head dragon.


trick 006
and you can back special summon after tribute fusion summon. 3 harpie lady or more (harpie queen) in arena come.



trick 007
if have and active elegant agostis, can special summon harpie lady sister

ARE YOU LIKE WITH harpie lady? or like with mai kujaku?

picture picture may valentin.






















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                                              Mai Valentine
















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