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Yami Bakura, known as Dark Bakura in the manga and Japanese version, is the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring.
After Ryo Bakura came into possession of the Millennium Ring, his body became host to the spirit, allowing Yami Bakura to freely take control of Ryo. Yami Bakura is the longest running, and most prominent villain in the entire series present for nearly every season but does not act as the major antagonist until the final season. His role towards the heroes consistently shifts from secondary villain to the primary antagonist during the final season of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series.

Yami Bakura's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi.
Yami Bakura usually wears whatever Bakura was dressed in. In the Duelist Kingdom arc he wears a white wool sweater and green undershirt. His usual outfit in following seasons consists of a blue open shirt over a blue and white horizontally striped t-shirt. His white hair is pointed downwards in various directions and trails half way down his back.
His hair points in more directions than Ryo Bakura's and becomes noticeably more stiff and rigid rather than Ryo's smooth flowing hair. Part of his bangs angle upward like horns when Yami Bakura is in control. He wears the Millennium Ring on a cord around his neck. In the Battle City arc as Yami Bakura he often wears a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm.
In the Millennium World arc, Yami Bakura wore a black trenchcoat with the collar flipped up, as an addition to this outfit. However, during his final duel with Yugi he reverts to his Battle City attire.


Pharaoh Atem defeated Zorc Necrophades by sealing Zorc's soul in the Millennium Ring. Although he did not remember being Zorc Nechrophades, he knew that for some reason he wanted to collect all of the Millennium Items.

Greetings duelists. Today is Halloween, so I thought I’d do a special post relating to five of the spookiest cards in the game, cards that look like they came out of the movie, Poltergeist. Those who remember the original Yu-Gi-Oh! probably remember the episodes where Yugi dueled Yami Bakura (a.k.a. the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, a.k.a. Zorc) in the Battle City finals. Those who do remember will probably also remember the Trap card that Bakura played, Destiny Board. Destiny Board is basically the Spell/Trap card version of Exodia the Forbidden One. Having Destiny Board and the four Spirit Message cards on the field is an instant victory. In some ways, Destiny Board is far more efficient than most Exodia strategies, with the exception of the Exodia strategy that involves playing Royal Magical Library with multiple Spell cards to draw through the entire deck in a single turn.
Destiny Board automatically brings out the four Spirit Messages at the end of the opponent’s turns. There are weaknesses to this strategy though, like Spell/Trap removal cards. Cards like Mask of Darkness and A Cat of Ill Omen are a must for putting Destiny Board back in the hand if it gets destroyed are a must. The same goes for cards that can put the Spirit Message cards back in the deck, like The Transmigration Prophecy and Hidden Book of Spell. It’s also wise to include cards that prevent Destiny Board from being destroyed in the first place. Prime Material Falcon is the perfect choice for this task. Stardust Dragon would work too, if you can fit it in.
Like most Exodia decks, a Destiny Board deck generally uses cards to stall the opponent for a while. Unfortunately, there aren’t any good cards that let a person search their deck for Trap cards. The best you could do is use the Spirit monster, Maharagi, to look at the top card of the deck before drawing it and then, depending on what it is, put it back on the top or bottom of the deck. It doesn’t add Destiny Board to the hand, but it does make drawing it faster, and keeps the Spirit Message cards in the deck until they’re needed. Anyway, the thing to do is to use monsters that can’t be destroyed by battle, like Marshmallon and Spirit Reaper, to buy time until Destiny Board is put on the field and does its work. Swords of Revealing Light and Nightmare’s Steelcage work well when played at the right time. For example, if you play Swords of Revealing Light when one Spirit Message is on the field, your opponent will be paralyzed until the last message is played.
Continuous Spell and Trap cards should not be used in a Destiny Board deck, as they only clog up your Spell/Trap Zones and prevent Destiny Board from doing its work. The same goes for Equip cards. Quick-Play Spell cards are actually good to use in this type of deck. They aren’t quite as powerful as most Trap cards, but you don’t have to set them on the field to use in a battle most of the time. Normal Trap cards should be played with caution, as they might end up just clogging the Spell/Trap Zones. Try and use as few Trap cards as possible, and it might also be a good idea to use Jetroid to activate them from the hand. Also, try not to set a Trap unless you’re absolutely sure your opponent will set it off. That about covers it. Destiny Board decks probably aren’t as common as Exodia decks, but I’ve used one quite a few times in one of the old video games, and in my opinion Destiny Board is quite a powerful card. Happy Halloween.

A "Destiny Board" Deck focuses on activating the card Destiny Board and get the 4 Spirit Messages in order to have an Automatic Win. Stall cards are essential for this deck so that your opponent can't do anything but try to destroy Destiny Board. Final Countdown is also a great addition in this deck: Since this deck is a Stall Deck, you can use it as an alternative Victory Conditions in case Destiny Board fails. The most important card here is Destiny Board, so, cards that can search out Destiny Board are vital. Maharaghi can be useful to increase your chances of drawing Destiny Board, and it can also keep you from drawing your Spirit Messages (which are useless in and of themselves). A Cat of Ill Omen and Mask of Darkness are important in this deck because they retrieve your Destiny Board. The Transmigration Prophecy is also useful for putting Spirit Messages that were sent to the Graveyard back in your Deck. Monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle are key in stalling your opponent, such as Marshmallon, or Spirit Reaper.
Cards that can protect your Spirit Messages, like Prime Material Falcon, are also important since if even one Spirit Message is destroyed, all of them are sent to the Graveyard. Also, using Quick-Play Spell Cards could be a good idea, because even though most of them do not negate, some of them may give you a lot of backup. Also, since you can activate Quick-Play Spell Cards from your hand, you don't have to worry about setting them and taking up field space that could be used for your Spirit Messages.
Swords of Revealing Light and Nightmare's Steelcage fit very well with Destiny Board. With proper timing they are destroyed in the opponent's end phase, only to be immediately replaced by the last spirit message and the victory.
Be careful when using Trap Cards in this deck. While some can be powerful assets in protecting your cards, like Solemn Judgment, if it never is played, it will prevent your Spirit Messages from accumulating on the field. The best Trap Cards to use are cards that are easily playable at any time. Having Jetroid on the field can help out with using trap cards from your hand, rather than setting them on the field.


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20 monster LV1:
3 mad reloader 0/0 (dark)
1 cyber valley 0/0 (light)
3 swift scarecrow 0/0 (earth)
3 battle fader 0/0 (dark)
3 kinka byo 400/200 (dark)
3 D.D. trainer
1 Worm hope
1 trade toad
2 d.d sprite
2 mons LV 2:
1 brain jacker
1 D.D scout plane
6 mons LV4:
1 dark crusader 1600/200
3 mystic tomato
1 obsidian dragon
1 doomsday horror ?/0
3 LV 5
3 anteatereatingant
4 LV 7
1 dark armed dragon
1 rainbow dark dragon
1 the dark creator
1 dark lord zerato
6 spell normal:
1 one for one
1 monster reborn
1 spirit message "e"
1 spirit message "a"
1 spirit message "t"
1 spirit message "h"
1 equip
1 D.D.R differen dimension reincarnation
6 trap normal
2 dimension wall
2 negate attack
1 damage diet
1 chaos burs
4 trap continue:
3 destiny board
1 escape from the dark dimension
XYZ monster :
mira the giant star

picture bakura:


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Tags: Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami Bakura, Studio Gallop, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

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